Almond & Honey (Holy Fuse)

Golden glowing streams of joy and prosperity wishes are due with honey; while the blend of crushed almonds offers a luscious texture on the palate with a contrasting purity symbolic origin. The union of opposites, light & dark, yin & yang, unifying into balance, the golden essence, is reflected on the cover illustration. “Holy Fuse” the benefit represents the blend of two, in celebration of a sacred union between husband and wife.


Cacao mass, pure cacao butter, sugar cane (phytolin), natural emulsifier, raw sourwood honey, almond, organic locust bean powder.

Cacao bean origin 60% min.

All our products handmade from GMO free ingredients.

Our products are “artisanally” made using “adaptogenic” recipes by retaining natural chemistry of the ingredients.

Our bitter chocolate products are dairy free.

Our products do not contain glucose syrup, artificial sweetener, food coloring, animal fat, palm oil, sunflower seed oil and any other additives.

Our products are suitable for ‘’halal’’ consumption.

Store in a cool and dry place to preserve the same quality of the product. Keep away from direct sunlight, moisture and odor. Recommended storage temperature: 16-20°C.

Do not refrigerate.

May contain traces of nuts. Limited consumption is advised during pregnancy due to “superfood” content.

Made in Turkey by using imported cacao beans.